Integrated innovation that delivers better healthcare

Ozone’s Global R&D department

We are devoted to develop new medicines that provide meaningful therapeutic benefits to the livestock sector worldwide. Combining creativity, scientific rigour and our extensive knowledge on a broad range of technologies, our scientists, pharmacists, veterinarians and project leaders across the globe use their expertise to innovate novel biologics, biosimilars, small molecule speciality medicines, generics and over-the-counter therapies in livestock sector.

Ozone is one of the few global veterinary pharmaceutical companies that has integrated scientific expertise across generic and speciality (branded) R&D capabilities. Fostering discovery and innovation, this unique combination of strengths and skills enables new ideas and advancements for the benefit of patients around the world.


Patient’s safety is at the heart of all we do at Ozone. Our medicines undergo exhaustive safety monitoring and quality assurance processes at every stage of a medicine’s lifecycle: from raw material sourcing, research and development, clinical trials, production, all the way through delivery. In adherence to a strict, companywide Code of Conduct to our suppliers and external network of partners, our safety professional monitor, identify, analyze and report potential risks associated with the use of Ozone medicinal products